Qingdao Gemopia Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Who we are& what we do

Established in South Korea in 1978, GEMOPIA is a large-scale group of fine jewelry manufacturers for K Gold, 925 Sterling Silver and Brass jewelry, including casting, machine chain, stamping, and hallow items. We have 3 factories in the world, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Specializing in K Gold and 925 Silver jewelry manufacturing, we helped our clients by making exceptional jewelry and transforming their ideas into reality. Whether you′re a retail jeweler, manufacturer, designer, or artist, looking to create one-of-a-kind pieces, we can help you design a prototype or develop A Line of jewelry. We will work with you in initial design conceptions, photo typing, CAD/CAM, casting, diamond and gemstone preparation, stone setting and finishing, or any other process you require.

Our product is shipped out to all over the world, including the USA, Europe & Asia more than 50 countries, due to high quality, fashion design, timely delivery, effective communication, excellent customer service, incredible pricing, We gained high reputation in the world, Gemopia stands uniquely in the frontier of the industry of the world.

Our design & quality

With over 40 years of experience, Gemopia jewelry is designed in house by high-end jewelry designers with high attention to every step of the design process from sketch to finish, each piece is made with expert craftsmanship using the finest materials. By manufacturing and producing everything in the house. We have strict quality control at every stage of the production process as we are able to overlook and make sure everything is of top quality.

Our story

1978The parent Gemopia factory opened in 1978, We have occupied the jewelry market in the word for more than 20years.

2001 Gemopia factory be opened in Free trade zone of Qingdao China. Open the new history of "high-quality jewelry made in China"

2004Our own brand "only you" created in Qingdao, We start our domestic jewelry market, you can see our "only you" in the supermarket of every key point city of China

2008 Another China factory be set up in Jining to support the huge jewelry demand of the domestic market

2008 To help Japanese jewelers across the nation better serve its customers, the Gemopia Japan branch opened successfully

2010 Gemopia rapidly expands, Vietnam branch factory is opened.

2012 To help more and more ladies in the world beautiful, Gemopia opened an Indonesia branch factory successfully.

Now with around 2000 employees, 32, 000 square meters of modern standard workshop, 5000 square meters for the showroom, Our Gemopia is growing rapidly to an international jewelry group in the world up to today.

Our facility

Modern processing equipment in Gemopia

3D wax printing from America

EV cutting machine from Italy

Laser welding machine from Germany

Our vision

Diamond member of" Made in China"---https://gemopia.en.made-in-china.com/

Or you can reach to us on March, a September Hong Kong show, and June JCK show in Las Vegas.

"To make all ladies around the world as gorgeous as jewelry "We are Gemopia, and we are here for you!
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