Shenzhen Amengwei Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Our mission is to blend the best of 21st century technology with research and refinement of manufacturing technique into a modern-day guild of responsible and committed craftsmen.

We work daily to provide the highest level of caring customer support, drawing from personal experience with body piercing jewelry, the resources of on-staff professional piercers, and a passion for this ancient art.

Science blends with art as we constantly update and apply our knowledge of metal specifications for safety, comfort, and durability.

Our main varierities are including Segment ring Clicker/Hinged Segment Ring, Septum Clicker, Nose Stud, Earring Piercing, Labret Stud, Navel Ring, Nipple Piercing, Tunnel/Fake Plug, Epoxy Crystal Ball and other puncture products, special materials and specifications can be produced and supplied according to customer demand. The main materials of the products are 316L medical grade stainless steel imported from Japan, ASTM F136 titanium, G23 medical titanium, niobium, etc.; Zircon choose 3AAA grade cubic zircon, Oden diamond, Synthetic Opel, Swarovski crystal, etc.; All products are furnace vacuum plating AAA grade: Gold, rose gold, black, magic color, light blue, dark blue, purple, green and other PVD plating colors.
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